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Core Factors of Basement’s problem

1As published by the association, more than a half of house/building in the US which have basement are having an issue with the water, in any form. Despite the fact that adequate amount of efforts have been put in place, there are many reasons leak in any form can appear on the basements.

The issues vary from house to another, but basically, there are few issues with the basement, some of them are a water leak and condensation.

These caused by many factors, which some of them are groundwater swelling as well as runoffs.

Basement waterproofing is one of the most common methods to rectify these issues. Choose the right contractors to do the job is very important.

Things to consider

2First of all, before you do any modification to the basement or the house because of this problem, determine the major cause of this issue.

To determine the cause, one can do few simple examination on the basement’s condition to justify what is the appropriate action needs to be taken to eliminate the problem.

Try to look around and see some indications.

For example, if you found some musty smell when you enter the basement, then it is a very start sign and you have to put a high priority to rectify the issue. Then check on any water sign or leak. Some may confuse to determine whether the water is caused by condensation or the leak.

4To determine that easily, do this trick. Put plastic covers the water sign and seals them for few days. When water appears on the inside part of the plastic, then it is the leak, otherwise, if the water is on the outside, then it is a condensation.

Once you determine the cause, then you can decide the right solution need to be taken immediately to combat this problem.

Wet basement- An Intro

zdrava-hranaEvery heart of homeowners got stroke whenever they discovered a situation so called “wet basement” in their house. Well, the fact is, almost more than a half of houses in the US have this problem in one way or another. The causes can be several issues but there are few major ones.

Common Causes

basement-leak-caused-by-rising-water-tableAmongst various causes, there are few common ones. Some of them are groundwater swelling, runoffs as well as condensation. These are what have been discovered for hundreds of years to major houses/buildings in this country.

Groundwater swelling can happen due to the basement is build/located below the water level which somehow increased due to the natural reason. To eliminate this, one may need to check with the respective municipal office about the water table to ensure they build the basement on top of the level. It may change from time to time in the future, but make sure that you allow sufficient amount of space to be saved.

23316Condensation is the common cause for the wet basement issue. When one sees the water sign/mark on the structure, floor or any part of the basement, well, that’s an early sign. To make sure whether it is the leak or condensation, one needs to do this simple trick.

Put a plastic cover on top of the water sign and seal them well. See it in a few days and if there’s a water inside the plastic then it is a leak, but when the water discovered on the outside part, then it is a condensation.

ftdebrowseslideA different approach may be taken to eliminate this but basement waterproofing is one thing to be sure of. Choose the professional contractors to do this for your house. Their expertise on this should be able to help you to eliminate the problem in no time, professionally.